Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Battle

Can we please talk about my new unhealthy addiction? It's really becoming a problem. Exhibit A:

How in the hell am I supposed to concentrate during the day when my Netflix queue, chock full of hot, man meat awaits me?! Have you seen this show? It's totes ridiculous. Half-naked men* fighting to the death and fornicating for a full hour? Be still my loins.

Fortunately, I've managed to convince myself that the abs are painted on and the dudes are probably mega-doucheholes in real life. If you know otherwise, please keep that info to yourselves. Otherwise, it's completely possible that my amateur status as a cyberstalker will be upgraded to full-on restraining order. Ha, you think that little sword will stop me? Think again.

So, until I meet Mr. Right, Mr. Sword-wielding-hot-piece-of-ass will have to keep me company. It's a tough life, ya know?

*Except for the times when they're actually completely naked. *fans self*

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