Tuesday, November 23, 2010


1. Coexist. Snowmen and pumpkins can live harmoniously. Even Rudolph eats Thanksgiving dinner...
2. Where I wish I was right this moment. Charleston, SC circa summer 2010
3. Neglected. My water intake is embarrassing. At least the water bottle is pretty!

Random. Oh, so random. That's a 100% accurate description of how I've been feeling lately. This week is pretty major in terms of secrecy, stealthiness and emotion. I'm not thrilled. Looking forward for the cat to be out of the bag & for life to move forward post-revelation.

All in good time, my pretties.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh, Monday.

How is it Monday already? Thankfully, this will be a short week filled with fun work projects, Turkey Day(!) & MOVING DAY! Yes, I only allowed one day to move my running total of crap & possessions. I'm daft like that.
Helping me through the day?

Some color:

This scarf is well-loved, ie, well-worn & often.

Have a great Monday, all (if that's even remotely possible...)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tighten Up

As much as I complain about Ohio weather, I am very thankful to live in a part of the US that has changing seasons. I'll still yammer that it's always too wet in the spring, too hot in the summer, not chilly enough in the fall & bloody freezing and hazardous in the winter -- but there's nothing better than the changing of the seasons. 

One of my favorite things about the gradual change from fall to winter:
The return of the purple tights

I should be ashamed that I've had these tights for years... Or should I? I suppose tights don't have an expiration date. If anything, I'm impressed that I haven't manage to destroy them with snags & recklessness like so many others before them. Alas, one pair of purple tights isn't going to sustain me during this gray, frigid Ohio winter.

Some contenders: both courtesy of Fred Flare

Dear Kate.

I feel compelled to exalt Miss Middleton on snagging the sapphire bling & patiently waiting eons for Wills to come to terms with the fact that his Rogaine isn't working. However, I really must point out that crown, or no crown, I can't help but wonder if she's thinking, "Crap. I picked the wrong brother."

Prince Hot Ginge for life, people. For life:

The Old is New Again.

New address! New blog name! New focus!!!

And too many exclamation points!

After 5 years of anonymous blogging, I'm officially out of the blogging closet.

Of course, this outing meant that hundreds of post with me waffling along about who-knows-what had to be archived. If you're in the mood to read that drivel, you know where you can still find it. But it won't be here.

Moving on. Moving forward. Let's go!*

*Clearly, I love my exclamation points.