Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Want

This week. Oh, this week! I've had better, but I suppose, I've also had worse. Time for some things that make me smile. Santa? Feel free to drop these off right after you deliver that steamy lumberjack that I've had my eye on. Pretty please?

Sleep has been scarce these past few weeks. Too much caffeine, not enough exercise, and a nightly pickle consumption leave the peepers looking less than fresh. Anything referencing Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets two thumbs up in my book. And how can you go wrong with a little Holly Golightly in your life?

Pure genius. All those missing pen caps (no, not my pens. I throw them away if they're missing their caps. I'm that OCD sometimes) turned into a brilliant idea -- it's a pen cap pencil holder! My desk is in desperate need a of little OCDTLC.  

You can pretty much drink the most unappealing fluid out of these cups and probably still do so with a smile. Total cuteness. And stackable too. I can't resist.

Stay warm, dear friends. It's currently 15 degrees in the land of oHIo & I can't feel my toes.

*All photos & products courtesy of Fred Flare.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Home Sweet Apartment

Love, LOVE the color.

Oh, how I wish I could tell you I enjoy moving, but seriously, does anyone really enjoy the MOVING part?? Doubtful.

There have been a few hiccups, such as, not having a refrigerator yet. Since today is the first day of my lease, someone best be puttin' in a new fridge soon!

I met my new across-the-hall neighbor tonight. She's a polite woman, maybe early forties? Lives there with her daughter and Taco Bell dog. I like nice people. Makes the transition a bit easier. Especially this one.

I hate to sound like such a homebody, because I don't think I am one, at all. But after living alone for a year, then moving back to the mothership for almost two years, I'm a little saddened to leave the nest again. True, murder would've ensued had I stayed much longer, but I love my fam no matter what. Drama, crazy or none - they're my peeps.

So, here I go. Spreading the proverbial wings and leaving the nest once again. However, the nest I'm flocking to will be pimp. Trust.

Purple: the color of Amy
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